Free WordPress DuplicatorFor years I stayed with a crappy web hosting company simply because I didn’t know how to move WordPress to another host.

Recently this problem has been solved because I found out how to move my WordPress site complete with all installed themes and plugins by using plugins which clone the entire site ready to be installed to my new web host. I also was able to move this site ( which contained another CMS along with hundreds of other files easily.

Setup New Websites Fast

If you are developing new domains for clients or your own Internet Marketing projects, you will save much time by creating a site with all the themes and plugins you want for each new site and making a clone ready to be installed.

For example, create a site with WordPress and the theme/s you want and go ahead and install all the plugins that you regularly use. This can be in a sub-directory somewhere on your server. Configure all the settings for the themes and plugins. Then make a clone so you can use it on-the-fly.

Move WordPress Blog to New Host

Here is two WordPress Plugins I use to move WordPress to new host. One is free and one I had to pay for.

WP Twin

The first plugin I purchased is called WPTwin [my affiliate link] which works great because not only will it clone all WordPress files, themes, plugins database etc, it can also clone any other files I choose which reside in the root directory outside of WordPress. So if you have files other that WordPress which you don’t feel confident to move yourself via FTP, WP Twin can be used.

WordPress Duplicator – Free!

The latest plugin I found is called Duplicator (FREE!). Duplicator will also clone all your WordPress files, themes and database and allow you to move WordPress to another host quickly and easily.

WordPress Duplicator Demo Video