Resize your large photos and reduce file size for faster loading with PhotoRazor.

PhotoRazor is a FREE photo resizing software for Windows machines which is very easy to use. Simply navigate to the picture folder you want to resize and click the button Resize Photos Now.

PhotoRazor will then resize your photos into another folder called small photos. That’s it! PhotoRazor can resize any one photo that you select, and it is also a bulk photo resizer which means it can handle an entire folder of large photos.

PhotoRazor Screenshot

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PhotoRazor Screenshot

PhotoRazor Uses

Resize photos before emailing them. Stop upsetting your friends by emailing large photos which take too long to download. Cut them down to the standard 640 x 480 emailing size.

Resize photos before posting to your blog. Make your blog pages load much faster by resizing photos and screenshots before uploading them. There is nothing worse than making your website visitors wait too long for images to load.

Resize photos before posting to FaceBook. Make your Facebook photos load fast by resizing them before uploading to Facebook.

Forum and Social Media Avatars. Don’t settle for default Avatars that everybody else uses, make your own Avatars by resizing some of your own original photos.

Give away your resized photos but sell the originals. If you have good photos you want to sell online, you can give away low quality samples but sell the originals.

Sample Photos Resized with PhotoRazor Free Photo Resizer

Here is a few sample photos resized and compressed with PhotoRazor.

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