Have just downloaded and installed Really Simple CAPTCHA for Contact Form 7.

I have been using Contact Form 7 on all my WordPress websites which require a contact form for many years now.

I use it because as the name suggests, it’s really simple. However, in recent years, it has become necessary to add a CAPTCHA to my forms to help reduce automated robot submissions.

Although Really Simple CAPTCHA was specially designed to be used with Contact Form 7, it does work on with other Plugins, but I have not had the need to try it out yet.

Really Simple CAPTCHA Screenshot

Really Simple CAPTCHA Screenshot

How To Install and Activate Really Simple CAPTCHA

Installation and activation ..

Step 1: Upload really-simple-captcha to your WordPress Plugins directory: wp-admin/plugins

Step 2: Navigate to your WordPress Plugins – Dashboard >> Plugins, locate Really Simple CAPTCHA and click the Activate Link.

Activate Really Simple CAPTCHA

Please note that there is no settings functions for Really Simple CAPTCHA.

Add Really Simple CAPTCHA to Contact Form 7

Step 1: Go to Contact Form Settings and Click the Generate Tag.
Step 2: From the drop down menu, select: CAPTCHA
Step 2: Add the generated code along with your HTML formatting to the contact form below the textarea and save changes.

Code Snippet

Here is a screenshot of the CAPTCHA code along with HTML formatting. Please note that the actual CAPTCHA code generated at your websites will be slightly different each time.

Add Really Simple CAPTCHA To Contact Form 7