Stop Spam With Gmail AliasesEven though we are careful about handing over our email addresses to get a free news letter, to sign up for some free service, and when we purchase goods Online, we will still get lots of spam.

If you are sick and tired of not knowing which Internet Marketers are responsible for all the spam you receive, I have a way for you to track exactly who is guilty.

Introducing The Gmail Alias Tracking Method

While Gmail already does a fantastic job of filtering spam for free, you will find it necessary to filter out unwanted sales messages from Internet Marketers you trusted by creating a Gmail Alias.

To create a Gmail alias, you will need to create a free Gmail account with your desired username. Then simply append a + at the end of your username along with a word you want to use to track. For example ..

If your Gmail address is, you would change it to

So if you wanted to track a specific website or marketer, you could add +marketername, or +websitename, +shopname, (or any word you want) and sign up with a different alias for each specific newsletter, website etc.

When you receive eMail to an alias you have created, you know exactly who you gave that address to. What this means is that if you start receiving spam to one of your aliases, you can set specific filters through your Gmail interface to keep any mail with that alias from arriving into your Inbox. More info about Gmail Aliases.