Read the Can Spam Act

by: Ed Zivkovic

Here is another Death-To-Spam attempt

    Happy New Year 2004!

    It seems that Spam has become the Flea On The Back of the Internet, except it's more like a case of chronic tick infestation.

    I also see it like a bad case of the worms. You know that really bad case the cat gets if not cared for properly? When the poor old cat is rubbing her arse along the carpet in a vain attempt to get some relief? This is how I see spam. The Internet is the cat and spam is the worms.

    The latest worm tablet has now been released and all people who send email should read and comply with the new act to avoid spending time in Club Fed.

    Will this reduce the Spam problem? Who knows? Will this deter professional Spammers? According to an article at, not really.

    All I know is that if you send emails, especially to a list of Opt-In Subscribers, it would be wise to have a read and make the necessary adjustments.

    You will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view the document. Please be patient as it may take a moment or two to load. If you cannot see the document below, it could mean that your computer needs a free copy of Adobe Acrobat in order to read it.

    Want a laugh? Read Thank You Mr Spammer. Thank's Michael, good one.

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