Working From Home - Which Company to Work For?

by: K. Dye

Hello, my name is Karen Dye and in this article I will tell you of my experience of working from home and include helpful links on how to start finding a legitimate company to work from home.

A few years ago I was looking for a work from home job myself. The reasons our my own but probably similar to yours as well.

I was naive to the ways of "Working At Home" world, so when I typed in work from home in my search engine for the first time.. my heart raced with anticipation for hopes of finding my work from home dream job.

As I searched I found "Get Rich Quick" and "Quick and Easy" phrases all over the net. I asked myself "Could this be true? Have I unleashed a hidden work from home realm that I have been unaware of all this time?" How can I have this?

Since I was unemployed at the time these make money quick offers seemed so tempting almost to the point of becoming grateful to those who offer so much cash and profits in so little time.

Now I don't usually fall for situations of temptations but the combination of needing to make money quick, & staying home to do it...was like sitting a child down in the middle if a candy store & telling them they could have anything they want NOW!

But just like allowing a child to eat too much candy , at the end there was a price to pay. At the end of every website that I seen the words "Get Rich Quick" I did indeed find the PRICE to pay!

Sometimes it wasn't just monetary... but time not well spent as well. You get burnt time after time chasing after jobs that may include: stuffing work from home envelopes, completing work from home assembling, processing work from home mail order, how to make money surfing the net, pyramid schemes , multi level marketing promises or even creating work from home crafts.

So after spending time and dollars that you will never see again... you get fed up with all the work from home schemes, mlm marketing and internet scams!

Then you realize there are no legitimate stable "make money quick and easy" jobs located on the internet today. No internet treasure chest that so many have promised you. So you are cautious, but unfortunately with caution comes skepticism. Which can protect... but without the right resources may also "hinder" in finding a legitimate company to work from home.

So you think, "Can my work from home dream" become a reality or is it just a fantasy? I am here to tell you that work from home answer.

After going through that period in my home based employment search, I decided to start researching for myself any work from home company that I may be interested in before I even invest in or agree to any of their quick make money at home offers.

And I found so many work from home companies that are in business less than a year , have several business addresses & several business names. That means that is a sure sign of a pattern for skipping out on their customers-(A.K.A. victims).

I came to the conclusion that there must be several hundred thousands of people on the net today that have went through the same horrific "make money quick" ordeal that I have. So what better way to solve the solution for my dilemma is to compile a list of "Legitimate work from home businesses or companies" that offer real home based employment.

Work from home companies that offer jobs such as Secretarial work from home or medical transcription at home- professions that thanks to technology to can allow professional typists and transcriptionist to earn from home a stable salary to support their family.

Mystery Shopping - a service that is well needed in any part of the country to help provide the best in customer service on any level. Perfect for the stay at home moms or work from home parents who are looking for work from home part time jobs. Flexible hours to earn extra cash on their time.

Translation- a proven profession that requires a skill and knowledge in many fields of language. Another profession that seems to be offering many home based jobs with steady incomes around the country today.

Nanny positions- jobs that offer "live-out" or even "live-in" positions. This work from home job is rewarding on all aspects. Whether it is part time employment or even a full time live-in employment, this opportunity focuses around the value of home and children. The foundation of work at home moms.

The legitimate companies that offer such jobs are included in the compiled work from home companies list. The list that will give you the answer you are looking for to your work from home dream question.

Visualize your dream from these companies. The companies included in the very list that indeed created "K's Inside Job" at The very list that helps so many on the net today still searching for their work from home answer.

"K's Inside job" has been in business for 3 years now and growing. We have help several customers along the way. Some come & just visit our "How to Detect Scams page" ( to help them with building blocks to find their dream company on their own.

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Our goal is to help & guide you with the proper work from home resources so you can use your best judgement on no matter what "Work From Home" venture you may entail. Stop by & visit to find out about more successful resources on finding "Which Company To Work For!" Thank you for your time,
K. Dye
"K's Inside Job"