Free Download - eMail Link Guard

by: Ed Zivkovic

Protect Your eMail

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eMail Link Guard protects your eMail Address from Spambots

Often it is necessary to insert your email address into your web pages so that people can contact you and give you feedback about your site.

The problem with this is that email harvesters (also called spambots) will harvest your email address and place it on some low life spam list.

This problem is now solved with eMail Link Guard.

eMail Link Guard will generate a special code which when inserted into a web page will display your email address and make it invisible to email harvesters.

How to Use eMail Link Guard

eMail Link Guard Screenshot
There are two input fields. In the first field, enter your email account username.


In the second field, enter the domain of your email address.


Now just click the button to generate the code. A window will appear with the code. Simply copy and paste it into your web page.


Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better.

No installation is required. Simply double-click the application to run it.

Download Now - emailguard.exe - 275 KB