Can You Answer Yes to Any of These 5 Questions?

1. Do You Want More Personal Freedom & Privacy?

Today, there are more and more reasons to protect your freedom and privacy: the growth of the omnipotent state; the stifling bureaucracy; the insidious erosion of your individual rights - in the name of the "war on terror"; and the increasingly interconnected world - where everyone is after information on YOU.

If you know how to do it, then you can gain great advantages from creating a low profile for yourself as an "international" citizen - by disconnecting part or all of your self from your unchosen master (the nation state). You can become virtually invisible, if you so choose, and live a more carefree, more secure and certainly more private life - free of stress, money worries - and taxes! You can do this for 100% of your life, or even just part of it - as you choose.

2. Do You Want to Protect Your Money & Assets and Gain Financial Privacy?

If you're a person concerned with material wealth - modest or significant, in whatever form - then you need to be concerned as to how best protect it. In this world where litigation has run amok, where ex-partners can suddenly become very greedy, and where the rapacious state is always after another "pound of flesh", you simply must protect what is rightfully yours. One of the most secure ways is to make use of a Trust based in an offshore, tax-free jurisdiction. A Trust is a legal entity that can possess real property - money, real estate, shares etc. - and can provide protection against litigation, ex-partners and marauding governments - as well as making the transfer of such assets to your heirs a lot easier.

If you're in business, then one of the wisest things you could do is consider incorporating offshore - by setting up an IBC (International Business Corporation). This is a legal entity which will enable you to do business anywhere in the world - but is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction it is incorporated in. And one of the major advantages of incorporating offshore is the fact that such jurisdictions are usually tax-free, require no reporting and safeguard your privacy. You can structure your business affairs to defer or even eliminate taxes. An IBC is also an excellent vehicle for investing.

There are many advantages in having your money in diverse locations and currencies. And the best way of achieving this is to hold accounts with different offshore banks. It is estimated that the offshore banking industry holds the majority of the world's private wealth - and there's no reason why it can't hold yours as well. Benefits include being able to keep your savings in multiple currencies, and to let it accumulate in a tax-free environment - with the added convenience of accessing it with a global debit or credit card. There are also new and innovative ways of holding precious metals in digital form - making their use and transfer even easier than opening and operating a normal bank account.

3. Do You Want More Creative and Private Opportunities to Make Money?

If you are looking for a way to break free of your 9-5 job, have been made redundant, seek some new direction, or maybe just want some excitement or extra cash - then spreading your wings and doing business internationally, on the internet, is certainly worth thinking about. The opportunities are endless - and include such things as: sales and affiliate marketing, where you earn commissions by promoting other people's products and services - and keep it offshore! Then there are opportunities in cyber-consulting, programming, journalism, web services - you name it. Cyber-business is certainly exciting and doable - and you can be part of it! The internet has provided the mechanism for you to do business from anywhere, at any time, regardless of age, race or gender - and make the world your market.

4. Do You Want Better Returns on Your Investments in a More Private Environment?

If you're not aware of investment opportunities outside your home country, then you're missing out on the chance to create real wealth for yourself! The first, and most obvious advantage in investing offshore is you earn your interest net. You don't have to pay any income tax at source. In fact, using the right strategies, you can reduce your future tax liability all the way to zero. But there are many other important advantages - such as the diverse range of investments to choose from. These include: Certificates of Deposit - earning 4%-6% PA; Global Funds earning around 10%-20% PA; managed FOREX or HEDGE funds, where returns from 20%-40% and more per annum are being achieved; pre-IPO and venture capital offerings, where the risk is even higher, but potential rewards are considerably greater. Or you may just want to hold gold privately - either as bullion or certificates.

5. Do You Have What it Takes to Achieve What You Want?

Becoming an international citizen, asserting your sovereignty, and developing an "internationalist" strategy is certainly not for everyone. Not everyone is concerned about, or even aware of, the global changes taking place and the ferocious attack on their personal freedom and privacy. Not everyone is ready to face the stark realities that drive the world we live in. And not everyone is prepared to accept the inevitable self-responsibility that comes with stepping out as your own ultimate authority.

Many people prefer the attitude of ostriches - and keep their heads buried in the ground. Others prefer the attitude of sheep - and simply follow others, wherever they may lead. Then there are those who can see what's coming but, like possums, stand frightened and frozen in the glaring light of reality - only to get flattened by the advancing tide of history! However, an informed minority are aware of the alternatives and make themselves ready for all eventualities. They think. They act. They achieve.

If you are, or want to be, one of the informed minority - then you have a choice. You can ESCAPE the "Matrix" of force, fraud and fallacy - and discover the key to freedom, privacy and wealth - OR, you can STAY where you are, and carry on life as normal. As always, the CHOICE is yours.

Escape - Stay