Do It Yourself Webmaster Guide

by: Ed Zivkovic

Do It Yourself Web Site

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This guide is intended for those who want to create their own web site and publish it to the Internet.

The do-it-yourself model is suggested for those who do not wish to depend on others to manage their web sites.

I have decided to write this guide in response to numerous requests about this topic. I have spent thousands of dollars on courses and Internet marketing software which has served to elevate my general knowledge about the subject.

Do It Yourself Web Site For Small Business

When thinking about a do it yourself website for small business, there are three main points to consider:
    1. Domain Name Registration
    2. Web Hosting
    3. Web Site Design
Each point is explained in order to provide the reader with all the information that is required to complete each task.

Your main challenge will be to make the choices required.

Each point can be done without doing any of the other points. However, I have found in my experience, that the above 1,2,3 sequence produces best overall results.

Easy Do It Yourself Web Sites

Q. What makes a good web designer or Internet Marketer?

A. Resources. Let me explain.

The big trick in building your own web site is knowing exactly where to go for the specific software or service that is required to complete each task.

For example, we think that a person who builds a web site is real clever, when in fact, it is the web design software that the person uses that is clever.

Our challenge is to discover what tools webmasters, web designers and Internet Marketers use to design a suitable web site and drive traffic to the site. After we discover the tools, we need to learn how to use them. In the short term, this takes up a bit of time, but in the long-run, we need not depend on others to manage our web sites.

I have listed some of the immediate web tools, services and courses that the do-it-yourself (DIY) webmaster can choose in order to not only create a web site quickly, but to drive traffic to the site as well.


Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better.

Download Now - 475 KB

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