Cedar Creek Falls - Mount Tamborine

Gold Coast Hinterland - Tamborine Mountain - Queensland

Woke up Sunday morning seeing and feeling the bright Spring sunshine and thought it would be a good day for some nature and relaxation. So off we go to Cedar Creek Falls which is half way up Mount Tamborine.

Cedar Creek is about a half hour drive from the Gold Coast. So if you are on holidays in "The Great South East", it is well worth seeing while you are here.

Take Your Time

You will not see everything here in just one day. Cedar Creek Falls is just one of the many relaxing spots here at Mt Tamborine National Park. I will add more articles about some of the other spots as time allows.

It is always a little cooler here in the rain forest than it is below. So I always take an extra layer just in case. The air is clean and fresh. It is like inhaling life itself.

After we parked the car, it took about three minutes to walk to the creek. While walking, it was nice to hear the sounds of birds in the trees. As we crossed the bridge, we noticed that because of the drought, the water is at an all time low. But, the water is still crystal clear and running. When the drought breaks, the water will rise again to the normal level.

Cross this little bridge and you're almost there

No More Jumping

As kids, we used to go to the edge and jump into the pool below. We did not know how dangerous it was. There has since been many people injured as a result of jumping from the top of the falls. It would really be stupid to jump while this drought is on.

The pool below it not very deep at all. When the pool is full, (I mean really full) it is hard to see or touch the bottom. It is a good place to go for a swim in summer. I guarantee that you will cool off in a few seconds flat. The water is just freezing cold. Warning: It is suggested to not jump from the falls anytime.

Slippery Rocks

The rocks can get very slippery, so we took care while walking around near the edge. There would be no chance of standing in the middle of the falls when the water is high. It would wash anyone straight over the edge.

Beware of slippery rocks at Cedar Creek
We took our shoes and socks off and let the fresh cold water run over our feet. Try it, it is very therapeutic. I felt the effect for a couple of hours.

I layed down on one of the rocks and just listened to the running water. The place being so energising and at the same time very relaxing, this made it the perfect day out in nature.

I feel lucky living so close to Tamborine Mountain. Half an hour drive and I'm there. I often wander what it would be like to own real estate right up the top. Many people do.

Photo courtesy of Gold-Coast-Beaches.com.