Tree Top Walk - Lamington National Park

Gold Coast Hinterland - Queensland

It takes about an hour and 40 minutes to drive to Lamington National Park from the Gold Coast.

I like to get away into nature. So this is a spot I like to visit and retreat from the world of illusion and experience the sights and smells of the Australian Rainforrest.

There is plenty to do here. So much, you cannot do it all in a day. Lucky for me that this place is just down the track from where I live. I can come here anytime. The Great South East is like a big back yard fillied with nature.

Today I went on the Tree Top Walk followed by a nice bush walk in the English Gardens. To get to the Tree Top Walk, you first must find O'Reillys Guest House. From there you just follow the signs along the green bush track which is dotted with native Australian plants and wildlife.

Tree Top Suspended Bridge
The Tree Top Walk consists of a suspended bridge made from timber and wire rope. The bridge bounced and shook as we walked along. There is a ladder about half way along the bridge which enables people to climb even higher into the tree tops. There was a few people waiting in line so I gave it a miss today. Next time I intend to climb up and shoot some photos from the top.

The tree walk leads into the Botanical Gardens. It feels very relaxing walking in the gardens and feeling the living energy from the plants and animals. This is what I call Nature Therapy. A good healthy escape from the traffic in the city. A day out in Lamington National Park provides relaxation for an entire week.

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