Witches Falls Bush Walk - Mt Tamborine

Mt Tamborine - Witches Falls Circuit - Queensland

Tamborine Mountain is located about a half an hour drive from the Gold Coast in Australia. There is an abundance of nature available in The Great South East. The creative intelligence of nature in Mount Tamborine is simply breathtaking. Sometimes I take it for granted because I live so close.

We packed a picnic lunch in the esky, loaded it into the car and off we went. It is always a scenic half hour drive up to Mt Tamborine. On the way up the mountain, I sometimes like to stop at Cedar Creek Falls to fill up the water bottles with fresh drinking water.

The aim today was to walk the Witches Falls Circuit taking photos on the way, then return for a nice picnic lunch at one of the tables while looking over the edge of the mountain into the valley below. We arrived early and parked next to the picnic area over the road from the Witches Falls entrance.

Witches Falls Bush Walk Entrance
The bush trail is easy to follow. At the start of the Circuit, I noticed a property then another and another.. There was a whole row of houses backing onto this beautiful bush. Their back fences have gates so all they need do is just walk out the back yard and go for a bush walk. How lucky is that?

As we walked downhill along the leaf covered track, that small row of houses disappeared and we were surrounded by tropical Australian bush. Along the way, we followed the signs to Witches Falls Lookout where we sat and admired the valley below and the surrounding mountains.

The waterfall was barely visible due to the drought but we could hear the water trickling down the cliff face. I took photos of the wet cliff face from the lookout. When the drought breaks, I would get wet standing on the waterfall side of the lookout.

There is plenty of signs along the way showing various options so we always knew how to get back. We felt energetic so the walk took about two hours counting a 15 minute break at the lookout.

The sights, sounds and smells of the rain forest are simply incredible. The moss covering the trees, the stag horns, orchids and other tropical plants growing high in the tree tops, the tree roots covering and growing out of rocks, the life and energy that is the Forrest excited my senses and made me feel happy to be alive.

I am lucky to have Tamborine Mountain so close. I can't believe that that so many live so close and have never been here.

Photo courtesy of Gold-Coast-Beaches.com.