Witches Falls - Gold Coast

Location: Tamborine Mountain - Gold Coast Hinterland Area

Here is some photos of the Witches Falls Bush walk at Mount Tamborine. Mt Tamborine is located about half an hour drive from the Gold Coast in Australia.

These photos were taken with the Sony Mavica FD73. Read more about Witches Falls.

This is one of the best easy bush walks around. Just drive to the top of the mountain, find a park near the lookout or near the picnic area and look for the Witches falls signs.

The entire track is sign-posted so it would be pretty hard to get lost. Allow about one to three hours to complete one walk. This walk is easy going down because it is downhill but be aware that the climb back up is pretty steep.

Below are some of the photos I took along the walk. Take notice of that little tiny plant with the prickles all over it. One day I accidental brushed my hand along the leaves of this plant and my entire hand got a very painful rash.

Photos courtesy of Gold-Coast-Beaches.com.