Golden Sunset - Burleigh Heads

Location: Burleigh Heads - Gold Coast Queensland Australia

Here I am at Pat Fagan Park on the top of Greenmount Hill overlooking the beautiful Burleigh Heads beach.

If you are planning to visit, or are nearby at Coolangatta or Tweed Heads, you can find this view by following Hill Street right to the top.

You can drive or walk up.

There seems to be plenty of parking each time I come here but if there is not, you can park down the bottom and walk up.

The park is an excellent spot for a picnic or BBQ. There are some outdoor tables and seats but if you want to have a BBQ, you need to bring your own.

Photo taken with Sony Mavica FD73.

Golden Sunset - Burleigh Heads Beach

Pat Fagan Park is a short drive from the glorious Burleigh Heads National Park. There is breath-taking beach and river views at the top.