Vend-O-Matic Reseller Warning

by: Ed Zivkovic

Selling Vendomatic Correctly

Vend-O-Matic is a cool software program developed by Bill Myers and is sold with resale rights which enable the purchaser to resell the software and keep all the money without paying royalty fees. These resale rights have some guidelines one should follow to avoid legal problems. These guidelines are clearly listed on the download page.

Here is the Official Vend-O-Matic Rules

After you have purchased Vend-O-Matic for a minimum of $34.95, you have unlimited resell rights to it. You may sell it for any price you like (and keep EVERY penny), but it CANNOT be sold for less than $34.95, nor can it be included in any other package offers. Vend-O-Matic must be sold as a stand-alone product.

Unless you have purchased a special resale rights licence directly from Bill Myers, these rules should be observed.

Pretty simple rules. So to avoid a legal hastle, all we need to do is follow the guidelines. Do not include it in a package. Do not sell it for less than $34.95. Do not give it away. Do not include it for download from your members only area.

There has been several discussions at Bill Myers Online regarding rule breakers. People who for some reason or another started the misunderstanding about the license agreement by offering it in a package to begin with. Those who purchased the rule breaking package started selling Vend-O-Matic in a package also. This got the ball rolling and many people are not aware that they are doing the wrong thing.

I think there is no way to track who bought the software for full price and who did not. But, if you are offering Vendomatic in an eBook package, or are using it as a free bonus item to sweeten your existing offers, you are sure to be caught. And who wants the shame and humiliation of being the topic of discussion at a high traffic forum. What a shame to destroy the reputation of a good domain name.

People who have purchased the program legally and are selling it legally are not fond of seeing it for sale in a two-bob package. If you see Vend-O-Matic being offered in a way that is breaking the rules, report them to Bill Myers Online.