Power Words - Brandable Webmaster Edition

Power Copywriting Words

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This Webmaster Edition of Power Words is a brandable version of one of our most popular eBooks. This version contains no affiliate links or other advertising material.

The eBook can be re-branded with your name and web site URL and comes with master resell rights. This means you can resell the book with or without rights or give it away for free.

Distributing eBooks with your web site URL and allowing others to re-distribute is an excellent way to get extra traffic to your web site from sources previously unreachable.

If you intend to resell this eBook, you will need to create a mini-site with a sales page and a product delivery (thank you) page. Download our Free Mini-Site Generator if you wish. You can of course give it away for free.


You may also use the Power Words eBook cover located on this page. To save a copy, right-mouse click on the image and select a save option from the menu.

License Agreement

Download - powerwords.exe 454 KB
Download - brander.exe 125 KB