Article Marketing - Why You Should Jump on the Bandwagon Today

Have you noticed that writing and publishing articles has come full circle? During the nineties, many of the internet marketing experts recommended that writing articles was a good way to get traffic to your website.

It worked. And it worked well.

However, fashion changes. And, as time passed by, other marketing ideas become more trendy, like email marketing. Then affiliate marketing. Then mini-sites. Then niche marketing.

In truth, article marketing never went away. But many internet marketers forgot to use it as part of their marketing mix.

Today, article marketing is once again flavour of the month. In fact, if you care to believe the current hype, you could be excused for thinking that article marketing is like finding the end of the internet money making rainbow.

There are five solid reasons why you should use article marketing to promote your site. The great news is that these five points have been proven time after time over the years.

So, you know what to do. Put 300 to 1200 words together on a topic of relevance to your website, create a cracking title, and email it to article directory and article bank sites, and to ezine editors.

You know it makes sense!

Brian McGregor is an internet and eBay entrepreneur. He is owner of Article-Park, an article bank devoted to articles about buying and selling on eBay. Submit your eBay article free to