Under Oath

by: Ed Zivkovic

Book Review: Under Oath by Stephen A. Pierce. I was surprised at the level of clarity and insight Stephen has about himself and his experience.

I was mostly impressed because Stephen has the guts to speak his truth without the fear of what other marketers with think about him. I admire that the most.

I purchased Under Oath late one night when I was on holidays in Townsville Queensland. My intention was to download it read a page or two then go to bed.

I started to read the book and could not put it down. I kept reading up to page 149 but just had to go to sleep.

Under Oath contains 206 pages of valuable information that states the real truth about what goes on in the Internet Marketing Industry and how to profit from this information.

So now I don't go around selling any so called new affiliate product.

This book has taught me a valuable lesson that just because I think a product is new, it may not be. In fact, the market could be flooded right out and what little sales are left are just the crumbs that fell off the dining table.

The reason for this is because it is common for Internet Marketing Gurus to mail their joint venture partners first about some new product before they release it to the rest of their lowly affiliates.

I also learned about myself and the reason I was going down the wrong path with this Internet marketing.

This ebook is not for people who think that they will make money online by not spending a red cent on anything.

If you think you can do well online without a domain name, your own web site, by looking to get every piece of software free, or by going around and joining the newest latest greatest affiliate program, think again.

If you got no traffic, who are you going to sell to?

I have found that the things that are free cost me the most. They cost me my time. I was wasting my time with advice about Internet business that was no longer valid or out of date or worse, the information had no meaning or value.

Good one Stephen.