Licence Plate Reflective Spray

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Invisible Number Plates

Use this license plate reflective spray to make your number plates invisible to red light and speed cameras but visible to the naked eye.

Invisible License Plates - How It Works

Most red light and speed cameras use a strong flash to take a photo of your license plate. Once you spray PhotoBlockerTM on your license plates, the formulation produces a powerful gloss that reflects the flash back towards the camera. This over-exposes the photograph, causing the picture unreadable.

The good news is that while your number plate is invisible to red light and speed cameras, it is still 100% visible to the naked eye. This means that the actual spray is invisible to the naked eye.

Conclusive tests have been conducted by police departments and TV stations that prove the effectiveness of the product.

How Popular is it?

The product developer says that over 2,000,000 plates are proteced with this product and that $1.5 in fines has been avoided.

Is it Legal?

The official PhotoBlockerTM web site says that the product is 100% legal because the laws in most states require that your number plate be visible to the naked eye. Anybody who looks at your number plate will not even know you have it on.

How Often Do Number Plates Get Sprayed?

The spray is applied once only. There is no need to spray the number plate again after a period of time. However, it is suggested to apply 3-4 coats in order to achieve a good result.

Who can buy this spray?

This license plate reflective spray can be shipped to locations in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and Europe. Pricing information and order forms can be found here.

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