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Feb 5, 2012 | Internet, Webmaster

Previously, on and all my earlier projects, I was using Article Manager from Interactive Tools as my Content Management System.

WordPress is now my choice for Content Management Systems not only because it’s 100% FREE, but simply because it’s fantastic!

Previously, before I knew any better, I was paying almost $300.00 for every instance of Article Manager per domain. While Article Manager was a very good CMS, it is no longer supported or updated.

View the old version of which was previously managed with Article Manager CGI Script.

Wordpress Publishing Platform

WordPress can be used as a Blogging Platform and a Content Management System which means you can set it up as a blog only, or you can set up a professional looking business website with or without a blog.

WordPress comes standard with Free responsive mobile friendly web designs called Themes but there are also many Free and premium theme designs available from third party developers. I use Elegant Themes because they have comprehensive video training which saves me taking extra web design lessons.

WordPress is continually being developed with new and exciting features which means that WordPress is keeping up with the times. Also, any new releases are also FREE!



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