Finding SEO Domain Names: The Old Way VS The New Way

Feb 25, 2013 | Internet

Domain Samurai LogoFinding high quality keyword rich SEO domain names used to be a painstakingly slow process, especially if you are in a high competition niche. But not any more ..

The Old Way

Back in the old days I would do some keyword research, then try and register any good keyword phrases as a domain name. It used to be that simple, but not anymore.

Then, as more and more people became webmasters it became harder and harder to get good domain names. So I would add a prefix, suffix, or both to the keyword phrase.

For example, if my seed keyword was relationships:

  • I would add a prefix such as love, my, good, best, true
  • A suffix such as tips, advice, advice for men, advice for women
  • Or both a prefix and a suffix to the seed keyword and try to register that

I would have a list of prefixes and suffixes and manually add them to the keyword/keyword phrase one at a time, then check the domain availability one at a time. As you could imagine by now, this would take some serious amount of time, especially if your keyword list is quite large.

The New Way

The new way is to use this free tool called Domain Samurai. Domain Samurai finds good domain names based on your keywords along with your own list of prefixes and suffixes with lightning speed.

Add Prefixes and Suffixes To Your Domain Names

As you can see below, I have found 61 new domain names with my seed keyword. The good news is that it took less than a minute of my time!

61 New Domains Found

When checking the domain names availability using the NameCheap bulk domain search tool, I found that most of the names were available to be registered. If I was starting a new project such as a blog about relationships, there was plenty to choose from at time of writing this article 🙂

Available Domains

Download Domain Samurai

Domain Samurai is a 100% Free tool which works on both PC and Mac. It is not a trial. It is full version software. For security reasons, each Domain Samurai user gets a unique registration key. Simply download and install Domain Samurai, then enter the registration key which gets emailed to you.

Domain Samurai Instructions

Watch the video to see how to use Domain Samurai:

  • Click here to download Domain Samurai.
  • Click here for more free videos from the Samurai training dojo.

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