How To Edit HTML With No Code Bloat

Apr 23, 2014 | Webmaster

How To Edit HTML/XHTML documents so that what you save is what you get and nothing more.

If you have a HTML or XHTML document which needs editing such as a done-for-you sales page, or squeeze page that is part of a resale rights package, the safest way to customize it with your order links, autoresponder code etc is with a plain text editor or a programmers code editor.

The reason for this is because many WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web design software will bloat the code after the document is saved which can cause the HTML web pages not to display properly as the original designer intended.

The Solution

You don’t have to be a programmer to use plain text or code editing software to edit HTML/XHTML documents because you only need to “edit” the documents in order to include an order link, or your name and website URL. This is not programming. This is just editing.

Windows Users

Windows users should use a plain text editor such as Notepad which is on most Windows machines by default.

You can also code editors such as PHP Designer or 1stPage2000 which will not bloat or alter the code. 1st Page 2000 is the first HTML editor I ever used because it’s FREE. I eventually purchased PHP Designer because it has a few must-have features which I require.

If you want to try 1stPage2000 pay attention now!

The download page sometimes redirects to another page which sells another HTML editor. If it redirects away from the Free 1stPage2000 editor, click your browser back button and make sure you are on the right page. Then look for the download link. 1stPage2000 is available at the developer website here:

Mac Users

The plain text editor on my Mac does not do a good job of editing HTML. On Mac machines I use a FREE code editor called Text Wrangler available for download at the developer website here:

The Difference

The main difference with editing HTML documents with a plain text or code editing software as opposed to a WYSIWYG web design software is that you will be only looking at the HTML code of the document while you are editing.

Pink Text Web Page (Visual) View

The pink text instructs the user to link the image button to your payment link and then delete this pink text.


Pink Text HTML Code View

So you open the page in a plain text editor and find the pink text and the order image and delete the pink text. You will see in this example that the order image (img) does not have any HTML Hyperlink code yet.


Link Image To Order URL

Right above the pink text is the order image HTML. In the screenshot below, you’ll see that the HTML Hyperlink code has been added to the image (img) and the order URL has been added into the Hyperlink Code. This is called hyperlinking an image.


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