5 of the Best Modern Landing Page Systems, Apps and WordPress Themes

Aug 31, 2014 | Marketing, Webmaster

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Here is 5 of the best modern landing page systems, apps and WordPress Themes which require no programming knowledge and produce absolutely fantastic responsive Landing Pages.


Most people who create a landing page these days are often directed to a recommended resource in an email by a trusted Online marketer. After buying the landing page software, template or WordPress Plugin, they are often disappointed because it was not simple to use, or the software, WordPress Plugin/Theme was broken, or full of bugs which resulted in a big waste of time.

After years of trying out crap which sounded good in the sales letter but did not deliver what I truly wanted (which is stunning landing pages with a well oiled easy-to-use back-end), I have actually found some landing page systems which are worth looking into.

These landing page systems should be considered with your particular needs and budget in mind. They all support video, are relatively simple to use, and produce beautiful Landing Pages.

Landing Pages Squeeze Pages For WordPress Websites

Even after heavy endorsement by big name Online marketers, I have been disappointed by Landing page Squeeze page Themes and Plugins for WordPress. They were either clunky, buggy, did not play with other essential plugins, did not display properly in mobile devices, or worse – were not updated/maintained in time or not at all which resulted in some things breaking after WordPress, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer updates.

You see, I don’t want to build 20 landing pages which all of a sudden will break one day! What a Nightmare! Perhaps some of these sellers should be liable for the time we spend fixing up these websites that break.

After my expensive WordPress landing page disappointments, I have found two premium WordPress Themes which are well oiled, well maintained, well documented, well supported and are suitable for many of my projects.

Just Landed Theme

Just Landed Theme

Just Landed Theme is built and maintained properly by professional coders and creates professional looking Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages with point-and-click ease. The manual is easy to understand and everything does what you tell it to do (No nasty surprises).

JustLanded Theme displays perfectly in mobile devices which is important considering 4 times as many people access the Internet with mobile devices compared to personal computers.

See one of my projects with Just Landed Theme here.

Profits Theme

Profits Theme is also built and maintained properly by professional coders. However, I don’t think it’s as easy to use as Just Landed Theme. It just takes a little longer to learn it.

I purchased Profits Theme because the developer edition price was not over the top. Having said that, I made another single domain Just Landed Theme purchase today because I love what it does. Some of the features in Profits Theme are slightly different than Just Landed Theme so pick the one which suits your needs best.

Landing Page Templates, Apps and Systems

I am not going to list Free HTML Landing page templates here, the type you have to download then edit the raw HTML code and then upload to your server. They are time consuming and difficult to use.

In addition, they are a nightmare to maintain when browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer release an update because sometimes when a browser update is released, it can stop some things on your landing page from working properly.

The following list of landing page systems, apps and templates is available as an Online software service which means you log-in and create your landing pages through a browser interface (no software to download). The Online service is responsible for all the maintenance which means that they have to make sure your landing pages display properly in all devices as promised.


Lead Pages is a full system that allows you to create responsive landing pages (as well as launch pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages and more) that work on a wide variety of platforms including WordPress, Facebook and most mobile devices.

There are lots of customizable templates built in so you can create an endless variety of landing page designs. Best of all, you never have to edit any code.


1MinuteSites lets you to build an unlimited number of landing pages customized using their built in templates in one minute or less. The system is truly that powerful and easy to use. These pages also perform well on mobile devices, and they are hosted on their servers which are known for their speed and reliability.

You can also publish your landing pages on your own site with HTML5, on WordPress, or on Facebook.


Unbounce markets it’s ability to create, publish and A/B split test landing pages, but they are not the only ones that do this. A/B split testing Landing Pages is their Unique Selling Proposition, while other systems and plugins might have it listed in their feature list.

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