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Apr 9, 2012 | Make Money

Great Transportation CompanyOne of the best ways to make money is to buy something low, and sell it for a higher price.

If you are looking for items to sell on eBay, in your own Online store, through Mail Order, at your local flea markets, or from your retail outlet, look no further than the resources on this page.

I guarantee you will find lots of wholesale goods from now on, so it might be a good idea to bookmark this page before you get lost!

Wholesale Directories

Here is my top Wholesale directories where you will find thousands of original manufacturers, OEM, wholesalers, and wholesale drop-shippers.

Wholesale Directories are the best of the best when it comes to sourcing anything wholesale. When you browse a wholesale directory, you will find original manufacturers as well as wholesalers for almost any goods you can imagine.

Wholesale Sources QR Code

How Wholesale Directories Work

Most good Wholesale Directories are like trading platforms which link buyers and sellers together. When using these platforms, you will notice that there are manufacturers as well as wholesalers.

What this means from where I stand is that experienced wholesalers purchase from an Original manufacturer, and re-sell the items either on the same platform, as well as on other wholesale trading platforms.

This is why you will often see hundreds of sellers selling the exact same items at different prices.

Take Care Before You Buy

Sample AliExpress Seller Feedback Score

Always read the feedback for each seller before making a purchase.

Never make your first purchase a large quantity. If a seller will not sell you a small quantity so you can check out the quality move-on.

While most sellers are legitimate and trustworthy, there are some scum out there who will rip you off (even in small quantities), and close their shop overnight. So do make sure you take your time and check out the sellers feedback scores.

Even though a seller has a good feedback score, you should also take the time to read any negative feedback. It’s not enough that most people gave a good feedback score! That’s why it’s important to read all negative feedback about a seller to see if it will impact you in any way.

For example, the seller might have negative feedback mainly for a specific product. In this case, you might like to look elsewhere for that particular product, but buy other products from that seller. You should also be aware that there are people out there giving negative feedback because they did not understand the terms of the deal.

Buy Wholesale at eBay

I have found that many China wholesalers are now selling directly through eBay. Most of them have very high feedback scores which means that they can be relied upon.

Sample China Wholesale Listings at

I always double check the items I am interested in at eBay before I make a commitment elsewhere. Often I will find cheaper prices at eBay for items which appear to be similar, if not exactly the same.

In addition, I have found that China eBay sellers do not make large quantity purchasing demands.

Liquidation, Surplus and Odd Lots

Liquidation, surplus and odd lots sales are great sources for wholesale and in many cases below wholesale goods. Check them out to see if any of their goods fit in with your marketing plans.

Cheap Deals Resources

Today, more that ever, Deals websites are becoming popular for sourcing cheap goods. Sometimes it is faster and cheaper to buy small quantities from a Deals website, than it is to try and locate an Original manufacturer.

Deals websites are also good to buy in small quantity if you want a fast way to test the market first. If you find a winner, you can increase your profits later by finding a cheaper source such as an original manufacturer, or a wholesaler.

Be careful! Some deals websites offer great deals, while others charge more than retail!

My favorite deals website that I personally use is because they have the cheapest price guarantee. In addition, they will drop-ship the goods to any address for one cent extra!

All the others below are still worth checking out just in case you do find a cheaper price as well as to get ideas you can use for your own projects.

Keep in mind that Deals websites buy cheap elsewhere, and sell for a profit Online. What this means is that they are not really wholesale suppliers. However, some of them are cheaper than the local wholesalers I researched here in Australia.

How To Drop Ship

There is no need to pay monthly fees to a so called wholesale drop-shipping service. All you have to do is find a wholesale supplier you want to deal with and ask them if they Drop-Ship. That’s it! 🙂

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