10 Free Videos Reveal How To Use EFT To Instantly Improve Your Life

Apr 10, 2012 | Unsorted

Brain WavesHere is my Top 10 EFT Videos from the 2011 EFT World Summit.

These valuable video interviews were produced by The Tapping Solution and were included as downloads as part of my original Gold-Level purchase.

However, they are also freely available on YouTube.com. The trick was to find them all. Easy if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Most people don’t know about this so I am posting the videos here.

I have also included some links to some EFT resources including a free download of the original EFT manual by Gary Craig.

How to use EFT Tapping to Instantly Improve Your Life

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques can be done alone by yourself or with a qualified EFT therapist.

EFT has been successfully used for better health, improving relationships, anger management, back pain relief, pain and illness, weight loss, emotional disorders, addiction, anxiety, attracting money and abundance, The Personal Peace Procedure, and much much more.

And without further delay, here are the top 10 EFT Videos. Enjoy 🙂

Jack Canfield – 21:31

Bruce Lipton – 34:23

Carol Look – 43:17

Bob Proctor – 49:03

Carol Tuttle – 49:06

Dawson Church – 54:40

Joe Mercola – 26:12

Pat Carrington – 1:04:05

Joe Vitale – 37:40

Cheryl Richardson – 19:05

How To Tap

Get the FREE Tapping eBook for instructions on how to tap and illustrations of the acupuncture tapping points.

Tapping World Summit 2012

Check out Free Video Reveals How To Rewire the Brain with EFT which explains the Flight or Flight response and goes through an actual live tapping sequence.

EFT Resources

Download Youtube Videos

If you would like to download videos from YouTube, check out YouTube Robot.

Gary Craig EFT

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