How To Display WordPress Recent Posts With Thumbnails

Jun 24, 2012 | Internet

Recent Posts With ThumbnailsI have always wondered how to display WordPress recent posts with thumbnails but have never bothered searching for a plugin or tutorial on how to do it until I read a special report recently which listed a heap of very useful WordPress Plugins.

One of these plugins is called Special Recent Posts which comes in two versions: Free and Pro. I decided to try out the free version in the sidebar on this site to see how it goes and within an hour purchased the Pro Extended License.

Special Recent Posts Display Options

Display recent posts with thumbnails

  • In your WordPress Sidebar
  • In any post/page using Shortcodes
  • Anywhere in your theme using php code

In Your WordPress Sidebar

Here is a screenshot of Special Recent Posts being used to display Recent WordPress Posts with Thumbnails in the sidebar of my Twenty Eleven child theme at another website.

Recent Posts with Thumbnails and Categories

Special Recent Posts Shortcodes Demo

Here is some Special Recent Posts being displayed live on this page using Shortcodes..

Mode: Single Column, 100 x 100 thumbnails, max 3 posts displayed

Special Recent Posts Title

Mode: Multiple Columns, 2 Rows, 75 x 75 thumbnails, max 4 posts

Special Recent Posts Title

Display Special Recent Posts With PHP

Special Recent Posts can be displayed anywhere in your theme by inserting the PHP code into your theme HTML in the position where you want them to appear.

Special Recent Posts Code Generator

Special Recent Posts Pro Code Generator

Simply use the built-in code generator (pro version only) to generate Short Codes or PHP codes with the settings you require.

There are over 60 custom settings to play around with plus you can program your theme CSS to style Special Recent Posts even further.

The Code Generator is located at:
Dashboard > Widgets > Special Recent Posts Pro

Displaying recent posts with thumbnail images adds a bit more visual appeal to your WordPress theme and can increase click-through rates and revenues especially if your blog contains product reviews with product images. Special Recent Posts is a fast Free and easy way to do this and is definitely worth trying out with your theme.

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