How To Make Money From Cyber Thieves

From: Ed Zivkovic

What would you do if you found out that your files are being downloaded by Cyber-Thieves?

Now listen. I cannot find words to describe the feeling of horror and anger when I discovered that my products were being downloaded by Cyber-Crooks.

Let's get this straight. These products are for people who want to go into business. The idea is that people buy the resale rights to a product in order to resell it at their own site. Great idea. Is it not? But it seems that some people want to steal the product instead. Imagine a person who wants to go into business stealing the products so that they can go into business. Derr, something is wrong here.

Anyway, I found out about this through a friend who emailed me and suggested I take a look at this page. From that page I bought a special report called Project Mousetrap which showed me exactly where my security leaks were, how to close the security leaks and how to profit from visitors who access unauthorized pages.

At first I was pretty sure that *my* site was not affected. But I was wrong. After reading the report, I opened my stats program and did a little checking. After seeing the stats, my first animal impulse was to have the ability to see these people face to face. Grrrrrr. But I calmed down after about 5 minutes and started taking positive action. The report is suggested reading for all webmasters.

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