Join Free Programs and Get Rich Overnight - BS!

From: Ed Zivkovic

The not recommended backwards way of doing things

Way back when I got onto the Internet, I was interested in a way to make money Online working from home.

I would see ads in business opportunity magazines and feel a sense of excitement while reading about the wads of money people are making.

Needless to say, I had a long way to go before my good sense would lead me to a path which is acceptable and does not waste my precious time.

A major factor I take into consideration today is to not get involved in projects that waste time. I am still guilty of this but not so much. I use the JCB formula. Just Cut Back on activities which produce little or no results. I do this by testing and monitoring.

I am stubborn by nature so it has been difficult for me to follow the successful paths laid down by others. I would read good articles and discussion posts but because I was so new to the business, did not know the difference between information which had value and information with little or no value.

Imagine this. I join an affiliate program and get my very first affiliate URL. You know, the long URL which sticks out like tits on a bull?

Anyway, I thought that if I advertise my very long URL in print media and on free classified ad sites that I would need a wheelbarrow to pick up the affiliate checks from my mail box.

It did not take me long to realize that the majority people hanging around classified ad sites were and still are the ad posters. Imagine that, I thought that people are actually spending their time browsing free classified ad sites. What a waste of time.

It seems that lack of patience contributes to the decision making process. It is a form of insanity. I wanted to get rich a week from next Tuesday jumping from one deal to another like an mlm junkie jumps from one mlm to another.

My lack of wisdom also lead me to the deals with no value. My lack of wisdom also sabotaged the good deals that came my way.

I was too tight to get my own domain name. I was too mean when it came to buying a good ebook or subscribing to a subscription only website. I was wasting time looking around for so called free web hosting. Little did I realize that it cost me more time, money and frustration to try and do it all for free.

By the time I found any information which was good, every man and his dog knew about it. What's the point of that. On the Internet, things move quickly. Time is a premium. So today, I like to get my hands on the freshest information and software.

Today, I treat my websites like a business. Imagine trying to go into business without spending any money.

I allocated ten percent of my job income to inject into my Internet activities and things have never been the same. Today my Internet Income pays for all my Internet expenses and makes a nice profit while I am asleep in bed.

I do not hesitate when it comes to buying an ebook or joining a members-only website. I get the freshest information available on the internet because I treat it seriously.

  • No more wasting time with free for all links sites or free classified ad sites
  • No more joining affiliate programs before I know how to get traffic to a site
  • No more operating without my own domain name and web site.
  • No more being tight when it comes to buying a good book or course

There is a lot of money making information on the Internet. The trick for me has been to participate in what suits my personality. I do not let the greed factor decide what activities are acceptable on the Internet. At the end of the day, a clear conscience makes a soft pillow.