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Ed Zivkovic
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Tuesday 6:38pm


Thanks for dropping in.

Have just been reading an Internet Marketing eBook that says I should have an about me page on my site so that people can see who I am.

Well, this is it. Pictures and all. Crikey this is hard to do, but it is supposed to make it easier for visitors to read the articles if they can relate the words to a face.

Ed and Sian
Actually, it's about time I started to take action on the information I read. That's been a big problem for me. Reading books about how to do something but waiting too long to do anything about it.

I am in a constant process of evaluating my values and beliefs. Values and beliefs which no longer serve me are out. Being True To Thyself is where my focus of attention is at these days.

Sometimes things do not make sense to my head but I go ahead and do it anyway if the heart says it's O.K. The longest journey for me has been the journey from the head to the heart.

Life is too important to be taken seriously.
This has not been as easy as it seems because it involves attempting to monitor all background self-talk. It involves asking such questions as: Does it serve me to think that thought?

For example, when I went for my first Sky-Dive, my Ego was there with me all the way up to 10,000 feet feeding me stuff like: You're going to die, come on, let's back out, They can't make you jump. Geeez, it's a wonder I even did it.

I like reading many kinds of positive self-help material along with marketing and financial material. Among my collection are works by Charles Haanel, Deepak Chopra, Wayne W Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Neale Donald Walsch and Jamie McIntyre just to name a few.

I like the old saying from one of the books: Be open to everything and attached to nothing. For me this means being willing to let go of all my old ideas (previous programming) which no longer serves me.

I like Documentary, Adventure and Sci-Fi films the most. I enjoy going to the movies more than sky-diving. In fact, I can recall having a better rush after seeing Spiderman than I did jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

I believe people have the right to think and do as they please as long as it does not deny others the right to do the same.

If the above statement were true, it would mean that nobody has the right to impose their will upon others. It would mean that parents have no right to yell and beat their values and beliefs into their children until they "appear" to conform. It would mean that women and men have no right telling their spouse what to think, how to act and what clothes to wear. Etc etc.

I like to associate with like minded people, and have also taken action on Brian Tracy's advice by running not walking away from all negative people. Negative people include the boundary violators just mentioned in the previous paragraph. This is not as easy as it sounds because it very often involves family and friends, but these things have to be done.

I love what Leslie Fieger says:

Victims of circumstance complain about the hand that life has dealt them, and creators of circumstance figure out how to deal from their own deck.

I believe in free-thinking, individual rights and guiltlessly enjoying the fruits of life.