A Product So Good if I Tell You What it is I Have to Kill You

From: Ed Zivkovic

Been There, Done That with this Money Making? Deal

It was late Tuesday night and we just left the Logan Hyperdome Cinemas after a great escape into The Matrix Revolution when I discovered a sales flyer for some kind of weight loss product underneath my windscreen wiper. (By the way mate, neither myself or my lady need to "Lose up to 15kg FAST!).

I turned around the carpark but could not see anyone wearing one of those big Lose Weight buttons.

Anyway, I looked up the URL to see if it was a weight loss mlm I used to be involved with 15 years ago and I suspect that it is because they are using the old curiosity approach. You know that old approach? The one where your cousin or friend rings you and tries to make an appointment with you so that they can show you this great way to make money or to lose weight but they will not tell you the name of the product or company.

A product so good, if I tell you what it is I have to kill you.
Did I find out who the company is? Nope.

Did I find out what the product is? Nope.

Did I find a contact form on the website? Nope.

What I did find was a form to submit my email address so that I can find out my BMI (Body Mass Index). No names of people, products or companies.

I rang the phone number and got a recorded message which starts off by saying something like hello and welcome to weight loss specialists blah blah blah and by using our product blah blah please leave your name and phone number. So I still do not know the name of the person speaking nor do I know the product or company name.

In my lifetime, I allowed myself to get sucked in and join a few mlm programs where I was trained to use the secret weapon curiosity approach in order to make tonnes of money and retire early. In my experience, the curiosity approach pisses people right off!

I was also trained to get flyers printed and distribute them under windscreen wiper blades, bus stops, telegraph poles, letterboxes plus much, much more. I guess if you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, some of it will stick.

Imagine this too. I am a construction worker wearing my hard hat, blue work singlet and nail bag and I put the stupid lose-weight button on, expecting to sell health products to the beer swilling slobs at work.

I feel soooo stupid looking back at that today, because they told me that the secret to making big money in this business was... Wait for it... This is the best idea since sliced bread.. here it comes.. Use the products, wear the button, talk to people. (maybe you did this too aye?)

I discovered that I am willing to go to any length to get to where I want to go but some things are just not for me. And if it's not for me, it just is not for me. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with it, it means that a clear conscience makes a soft pillow for *me*.

I always felt uncomfortable with the curiosity approach and wearing stupid buttons. (In the end, I only wore the button as I entered the elevator that leads to the business opportunity meeting)

Selling mlm opportunities and products to family and friends destroyed my reputation and my credibility in those circles. I would rather get paid to take surveys for free than become a pill peddler. Oh by the way, they are not pills, they are tablets. :-) At least with

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