The Science Of Getting Rich

by: Ed Zivkovic

The Free Science Of Getting Rich Book


I was working in Brisbane for a construction company earning money that I was not happy with. Being just before the holiday period, this was not to my advantage as far as money goes.

My Internet income was still not enough to leave my job, so these two cash flow sources were insufficient to spend freely the way I like to.

How I Got The Book

One day in September 2004, my friend Merrilyn in Townsville suggested that I download and read The Science of Getting Rich book which contains the Attraction Law Secret.

I hesitated because I was used to being disappointed in the past. She continued to suggest that I read the book and finally one day in October I downloaded it, bound it up and read it.


Letting go of all the things I thought I knew, I started to apply the information contained within The Science Of Getting Rich, when out-of-the-blue, a job offer manifested itself from another construction company to go and work in Adelaide for twice the amount I was getting with the previous company.

I took the job with faith. I felt uncertainty but I did it anyway. The company flew me back home for the Holidays and I am now in Brisbane writing this article. I am flying back in early January 2004 to continue with this job.

My Internet income is also on the way up and I have not had the opportunity to do any web work in the last several weeks. User sessions are up and sales are up with no actual effort on my part.

What Is Coincidence?

Coincidence? I don't know about that. In mathematics, the very term coincidence is about angles that co-incide. Coincidence then is not just some lucky thing which happens to happen.

The Science of Getting Rich reveals The Law Of Attraction secret. Application of the Laws of Attraction is basically changing one's thinking and letting go of old ideas which have no constructive meaning or value.


This free ebook is for those who are ready to let go of what they think they know. It is for those who are willing to do what is necessary to get to where they want to go. The key word here is Willingness. Willingness to accept that I deserve good things in my life and willingness to re-evaluate my belief system and decide to make changes where necessary.

While reading The Science of Getting Rich I noticed negative Internal dialog which was conflicting with the information in the book. I then realized that it is this negative self talk which was pushing my desires away from me. I was actually attracting that which I did not want.

I am now reading this ebook daily in order to monitor remaining values and beliefs which no longer serve me. Sometimes I read a whole chapter and other times I read just a page or two at night just before lights out. What I am aiming for here is to be consistent.

Download The Science Of Getting Rich Book

Rebecca Fine has a free printable PDF version of the Science Of Getting Rich.

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