Free Autorun CD Menu

by: Ed Zivkovic

Use this Free CD Menu for Your Autorun Projects

I wonder how many eBook marketers have discovered the profit potential in Mail Order Marketing. If you have purchased ebooks with resell rights Online, you are not restricted to selling them just Online.

I have been researching some business opportunity magazines and am still seeing the same old reprint rights CD's that have been doing the rounds for decades. Because those old reports with reprint rights CD's are still selling, that means a market exists for products with resale rights.

If you have ever purchased ebooks with resale rights, you probably own rights to the website that sells the ebook, ebook package, software or software package. These products can be easily burned onto a CD for an excellent high perceived value mail order product.

Autorun The CD

In order to create a professional looking CD, you'll need to enable the CD to autorun or autoplay and add a CD menu so that your customers can easily navigate the items contained within the CD.

Free CD Menu

Here is a HTML CD Menu that I use as a template for projects that I sell offline. You have permission to edit this menu template by changing colors, adding buttons etc, and use it royalty free on your autorun CD projects. You can use this menu to link to all the files you sell just like computer magazine CD's.

You can create extra HTML information pages for your CD project and link to them from the CD Menu. This will enable your customers to have a user friendly experience.

By far, it looks much more professional sending out CD products which contain an autorun menu system. Imagine sending out just plain files burned onto a CD and mailing that to your customers. Yuk!

Download Professional CD Menu Creator

Create Professional Autorun CD Menus fast with Autorun Typhoon. Autorun Typhoon is a professional CD Menu Creator for people who don't have time to mess around editing HTML.