Keeping your Dreams, Hopes and Visions Alive

From: Ed Zivkovic

They All Laughed when I started Pecking Away on my PC Learning to Make Money Online

But who is laughing now?

The blokes I worked with on building sites would look down at my high ideals. They would criticize my Internet Marketing efforts.

I would experience many attacks on my ability and intelligence, but I just kept pecking away.

I stopped telling the dream-killers about my dreams, hopes and visions of a better life.

I have always been fond of buying and selling Information. On the Internet this information comes in the form of eBooks, software, private memberships, DVD', and CD's just to name a few.

I buy information in order to learn what I want to learn and to do what needs to be done based on my dreams, goals and ideals. I sell information because I know that there are like-minded people out there who have similar interests.

It is not common to find like-minded people in the workplace because the law of averages will state that not many people in a hundred will have high ideals or dreams and visions of escaping from the rat-race. Most people accept the teachings of the television and newspaper, and digest the beliefs installed by their caregivers as absolute truth.

Likewise, these people who mock high ideals are really just repeating what was said to them when they expressed their own high ideal. They accepted another persons evaluation of their ability and intelligence as truth and just gave up. They now go on to enlighten others about all the impossibilities that exist on the planet, passing on negative energy in the same way as a rotten apple rots all the others.

Tried selling to a workmate or family member before?

Wake up!

The Internet is a different story. It is possible to present your offer to millions of people. Out of those millions, it only takes a small percentage to be successful. Not only that, you will not experience a face to face rejection on the Internet. People who turn their nose up at your writings or offerings will just click away and that's the end of it. How cool is that?

Start developing your job exit-strategy today

Working from home can give you the freedom and lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Just imagine what it would be like switching your alarm clock to the off position and leaving it off.

Getting up when you want, you go to the computer and check your emails while the coffee is brewing in your sunlit kitchen. The emails load into your browser and you discover that several sales have been generated from your Internet Information marketing business.

What would that be like?

This is not a dream, or some passing fancy. It is being done every day by thousands of Online Businesses. This is normality in the world of Internet business. In the brain of the Internet Information seller and the person who rejects conventional wisdom, it is abnormal to get a day job.

Selling Information on the Internet is an excellent choice for people who are sick to death from working 48 weeks a year for someone else in order to get 4 weeks off to themselves.

Want more out of life?

Begin your job-exit-strategy today. Stop putting things in the too hard basket. Register some domain names, build a web site, and learn how to get traffic. Get serious about your exit-strategy and the Universe will provide the means to accomplish your dreams.

Become Confident in Your Ability

Stop sharing your dreams and goals with the Dream-Killers.

Share your dreams and goals with those who will encourage your dream to manifest into the material world. If you do this, you'll notice that the little faint vision in your mind will start to grow. You will eventually start to believe in your ability to create the life of your dreams. Your dream will take form in the material world.

Cut back on receiving information which does not support your vision of the ideal life you would like to live. Things like the newspaper, TV and negative people who complain about you or the problems of the world will only serve to attract the things you do not desire.

Increase the intake of information which supports the "you" you would like to become.

Take a time out

Take 5 - 40 minutes a day just doing nothing and letting your thoughts tell you what's really on your mind. Leave the TV and radio off. Be alone by yourself. You'll be surprised at what you will discover.

Pat yourself on the back regularly. Go to the movies or the beach and buy an expensive ice-cream. Treating yourself will teach you that you deserve good things in your life.

Exit-Strategy Game

Make it a goal to make $20 in the next 30 days from a source outside your job. Doing this will teach the mind that your job is not the only way to make money.

Play this game and make it happen. Continue to play it and gradually raise the stakes. Bit by bit you will come to the realization that you can cause your thoughts to become a reality. Bit by bit, your belief in your ability will get stronger and stronger. That $20 drip will become a regular trickle. That trickle will eventually become a stream.

You have only Two Choices

1. Quit - Nothing changes. Stay where you are and forget your dreams.

2. Keep at it - Stick-ability is 95% of ability. Strive for steady progress month after month, year after year regardless.

No matter what hell is going down, keep your dream visions in your mind.

The author, Ed Zivkovic is a self-taught webmaster. His website contains Free downloads along with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters.