Mini Site Generator with Resale Rights

From: Ed Zivkovic

Mini Site Generator Custom Edition

FREE Mini Site Generator with Master Resale Rights!

Quickly and easily create a Mini Site and Product Delivery page (thank-you page). This custom brandable edition allows you to brand your own name and URL into the software. It also allows you to re-name Minisite Generator.

It will create sites which will "vend" a digital product.

What is a Web Vending Mini Site?

There are two pages in a Mini Site Generator web vending site:
  1. Product Sales (or Vending) page - the page where you describe all the benefits and features of the product
  2. Order Thank You and Product Delivery page - where you thank the customer for their order, and provide for instant delivery of the purchased product by allowing the customer to download her product.
Mini Site Generator with Master Resale Rights
eCover made with eCover Action Scripts

Minisite Generator automatically builds both of the above pages for you. Just enter your text, click the page creation buttons to create your pages, and then paste the created code into any old HTML Editor and save the file. You can also paste the code into Notepad and "save as" YourFile.html.

All mini sites generated are designed to optimize search engine placement and give you a professional and easy-to-use web vending mini-site your customers are happy to use.

Brand your information inside Minisite Generator

This version comes with a special Branding Tool which allows you to re-brand Minisite Generator with your name, URL and Trafficswarm ID. (Trafficswarm is a Free web site traffic generation program. Click here to get an ID.)

New! Use the Branding Tool to re-name Minisite Generator. In other words, you can give this software any name you want!

What this means to you is if you decide to resell this software, your name, web address will be in your customers face each time they run the software.

Not only that, because your customers will also have resale rights to the program, they will be reselling your custom branded version with your details. In fact, each person who resells your custom branded version of Minisite Generator will be granting resale rights to their customers. This can cause a large amount of viral traffic to enter your web site.

Master Resale Rights License

[YES] Can Sell Minisite Generator
[YES] Minisite Generator Can Be Added To Paid and Free Membership Sites
[YES] Can Sell The Branding Tool
[YES] The Brander Can Be Added To Paid Membership Sites
[YES] Can Give Away Minisite Generator for Free
[YES] Can Grant Give Away Rights (Minisite Generator Only)
[YES] Can Sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can Sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can Give Away The Branding Tool for Free
[YES] The Brander Can Be Added To Free Membership Sites

Make money from home reselling for any price you wish or give away this version of Minisite Generator and/or the branding software as a viral traffic tool, or as an inducement for opt-ins.

What's included with this package?

Minisite Generator Custom Brandable Edition with Branding Tool and eCover Graphics in 8 different sizes.

Download Now - - 468 KB

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