Guide to Instant Product Creation

From: Ed Zivkovic

Beginners Guide To Product Development

One day, not too long ago, most Internet Marketing forums had threads talking about creating eBooks for the purpose of Viral Marketing and the large sums of money that could be made by marketing eBooks.

Since then, the evolution of the eBook has come a long way to include software applications which are really just compiled HTML with some kind of JavaScript.

These JavaScripts can be obtained and used free of charge as long as you give credit to the author. Simply embed the JavaScript into a HTML page and use a HTML compiler to create a single executable file and presto, you have a software application.

Free JavaScript suitable for compiling:

The product you create from a free JavaScript will not always be suitable to sell because some authors only allow you to give away their script. This however does not stop you from creating a free software download in order to generate free viral marketing to your web site.

Edit the user interface of these programs with a HTML editor to give your program a unique look and feel. Change the colors and the table sizes to make it look good and user friendly.

You can also get a JavaScript created for you. This way you will own the rights to the script. You can then compile it into a program and sell it as a software product.

An example of a JavaScript software program which has been compiled into a single executable program is Vend-O-Matic. This program generates mini sites for the purposes of selling your digital eProducts.

Get a Free HTML compiler.

TIP: Use free JavaScripts to create a software program that you give away free from your site. This will create free viral traffic if the tool is usefull because people will give it away from their site or link to your download page.

Excel Spreadsheets

There is an abundance of free Excel Spreadsheets available on the Internet. Most are on Government (.gov) and Education (.edu) sites so there is a good chance that these Spreadsheets are in the Public Domain (check first) which means you are free to use as you like. Here is a search result with numerous spreadsheets available.

Convert Excel Spreadsheets to HTML

Because HTML compilers only compile HTML, (with embedded JavaScript), you'll need to convert the spreadsheets to HTML in order to create a single executable file. This way people who do not have Excel can use your software, and because it is compiled, the source code is protected.

ExcelEverywhere is a software program available which converts Excel Spreadsheets to HTML with embedded JavaScript. At $97, this should interest the serious product developer.

Use ExcelEverywhere to convert any Excel Spreadsheet into HTML ready for use with your favorite HTML compiler.


Use a free JavaScript and compile it into a software program that you give away free from your web site or use it as a premium to induce the sale of another product.

Get the rights to a JavaScript and compile it into a software product which you sell as a stand alone product or as part of an eBook or software resale rights package.

Rights to a JavaScript can be obtained by:

    1. Getting the script built for you.
    2. Writing the script yourself. Tutorial.
    3. Acquiring a Public Domain Excel Spreadsheet and converting it to JavaScript.
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