Create Viral Traffic with this Brandable CHMOD Calculator

From: Ed Zivkovic

Free Brandable Software

CHMOD Calculator - chmod.exe - 414 KB
Branding Software - brander.exe - 125 KB

What is a CHMOD Calculator?

This version of the CHMOD Calculator is custom brandable which means that you can custom brand your web site URL inside the software. What this means to you is that each time someone opens the software, your web site link will be in their face.


  • Download the Brandable CHMOD Calculator. (chmod.exe)
  • Download the branding software. (brander.exe)
  • Make sure both files are in the same directory.
  • Use the branding software to brand the CHMOD calculator with your name and URL.
  • Upload chmod.exe to your site and provide a download link.
  • The software can be re-branded any number of times.

Free Viral Traffic

Having some downloads on your site will create free viral traffic because your downloads should contain a link back to your site.

Webmasters and Internet Marketers might use your custom branded version to give away to their visitors and customers. This could cause traffic to come to your site from locations you never thought of. Example:

One of my downloads, How to Autorun a CD has been included in a popular eBook and Software package. The package is for sale all over the Internet causing viral traffic to this site.


Do not upload the branding software to your site. (No future in that.)

Inform your visitors of the requirements.


Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better and Internet Explorer.

No installation is required. Just double click the files to open them.