Article Reprints Terms and Conditions

From: Ed Zivkovic

Fresh New Articles

If you are looking for a good source of Free Content for your Internet Marketing eZine or website, you'll be pleasantly surprised at our growing list of Free Articles.

More categories other than Internet Marketing will be added soon.

Article headlines for Free Article Reprints are also available from our automatic webfeed generator.

Terms and Conditions

  • Articles should be published in their entirety along with the resource box (author bio).
  • The link in the Resource Box must be a live active direct HTML link. (no javascript links permitted).
  • No hotlinking to images unless the author has given permission to hotlink.

About the Article Body

  • Links with URLs as the anchor text should be live.
  • Links with words as the anchor need not be live.
  • Articles may not be edited.
  • Articles may be formatted to match the look and feel of your ezine or website.
Thank you.