URL Redirect Generator

by: Ed Zivkovic

Redirect Generator

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Redirect Generator will create a HTML redirection page for any URL. Especially handy for long affiliate links or existing pages you want redirected elsewhere.

Sick of trying to remember that long affiliate URL? This problem is now solved with Redirect Generator.

Instead trying to remember that long URL, all you need to do is upload the generated redirect page to your site in order to create a URL that's easy to remember.

Here's a couple of example URLs that you can create:

http://www.anydomain.com/redirect/ - http://www.yourdomain.com/redirect.html

Here is a working demo of a redirect page created with Redirect Generator: http://www.ezau.com/dg/

Instructions for Affiliate Links

  • Download Redirect Generator and double click to run the program.
  • Type or paste a page title in the first field. (optional)
  • Type or paste any URL into the second field.
  • Click the button to Save Result as HTML.
  • Upload the saved page to your web site.
  • Link to this new redirect page instead of linking to that long affiliate URL.

Instructions for existing pages

If you have existing pages at your site you want redirected elsewhere, simply replace the existing page with a new redirect page created with redirect Generator.

Redirection Tips

What will you do if your most downloaded eBook contains affiliate links and the affiliate program dispatcher informs you that the program is no longer available? What if the affiliate program changes the affiliate URL or you decide that the program is no longer worthy of being promoted?

This problem can now be avoided by pointing to your redirection pages which are hosted at your site. If your eBooks contain links to your redirection pages, you can change where that traffic goes at any time. If you get any of these problems, you just create a new redirect page pointing to a different URL.

Some web saavy web surfers hover over links and watch in the status bar to see where the link points to. Affiliate links are easy to detect so some of these surfers do not click on them. They extract the link, strip the tracking code and enter the site directly. You can solve this problem by using redirection pages.

While cloaking affiliate links improves clickthrough rates, it is not fool proof because the web saavy surfer knows how to extract the link URL with the right mouse menu. What to do about this? Point to your redirect page.

What if you have links at 100 classified ad sites and you want to redirect visitors to another site? If you have linked to a redirect page, all you need to do is create a new page with a different URL and replace the old one.

A redirect page increases click-through rates

Did I mention that more people will click on a link such as http://www.yoursite.com/makemoney/ instead of


Use the keyboard to paste into the fields. The keyboard paste shortcut is CTRL+V. Press CTRL and V at the same time to paste.

To create this URL: http://www.anydomain.com/redirect/ you will need to create a new sub directory at your site and upload the redirection page into that sub directory. The redirection page should be named index.html.

anydomain.com represents your domain name and /redirect/ is the sub directory. You should name these sub directories to reflect the affiliate program you are promoting. This will help you to remember the URL without looking it up.

To create this URL: http://www.anydomain.com/redirect.html all you need to do is give redirect.html a name you will remember. This name should probably reflect the program you are promoting.


To run Redirect Generator you will need Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better. No installation is required. Just double click redirect.exe to run the program.

You will need your own site with FTP access in order to upload the redirect pages.

Download Now - redirect.exe 215 KB