How An Offshore Account Can Be Your Key To: International Living, Global Opportunities, Financial Privacy And Personal Freedom ...

There is one key that can open many doors - and that's an offshore account. Think of it as a portal to a world of international living, business and financial opportunity - a means of stretching your global legs and flexing your financial muscles. But an offshore account is much more than that - it's also a starting point to a world of personal and financial freedom. (For more on this see Escape The Matrix, Defeat Big Brother, Strike for Freedom)

If you're one of the new breed of individuals who reject a narrow "nationalist" view of the world, life and business - and who assume full responsibility for your own life and actions - then having an offshore account is an essential first step to liberating your personal and business life.

The world is changing. And perhaps the most profound change of all is the diminishing power of the sovereign nation state - and the increasing power of the sovereign individual. This change represents a shift from the philosophy of collectivism to individualism - and from a nationalist to internationalist outlook.

What is driving this change is the internet and the logic of the free market - which is the real engine that moves the world, not politics or politicians. A sovereign individual is someone who is fully aware of this change in the locus of power - and who intends to capitalise on it.

Having an offshore account represents a fundamental change in thinking - a change from one mindset to another. By the simple act of opening a bank account in another country (and perhaps another currency), you are declaring that your assets are not exclusively related to any particular national territory. Rather, that you - as an individual - have assumed the authority to determine exactly where you will "do business", and under what terms.

With an offshore bank account you open up a whole new world of possibilities. These include the ability to "privatise" your financial affairs; to diversify your money holdings in various currencies; to have ready access to offshore investments; to easily manage the daily requirements of international living and business - and to be able to protect your assets from any possible seizure.

But where exactly is "offshore"? Well, essentially, it can be anywhere outside your normal country of residence. If you reside in the USA, then the UK could be considered offshore. If you live in Australia, then Hong Kong could be considered offshore. And if you're in Europe, then opening a bank account in Panama could be offshore.

The point is this: an offshore account opens doors of opportunity - whether your interests are international living, global business, offshore investing, or financial privacy and security.

The new internationalist is someone who treats different nations in the same way a tourist treats different hotels - useful places to stay, live and work - providing the service is to your liking! He, or she, uses whatever tools are available to facilitate international living and business.

When you open an offshore account, you are making a declaration of independence - independence from "old world" thinking and from the idea that you are "owned" by a particular country.

In declaring such independence, you are asserting your right to be the "ruler" of your own life - a sovereign individual. And just as other people are not your property - you are not the property of anyone else, whether individual or group.

The simple act of opening an offshore account is but the first step towards a life of practical freedom - freedom from coercion; freedom of movement; freedom of business; freedom to invest; freedom of opportunity and financial freedom.

However, don't get the idea this process is as easy as falling off a log. No, at every turn you will find attitudes, policies and ideologies which are utterly opposed to you living a life of practical freedom. And you will need good intellectual ammunition to see you through.

Yes, opening an offshore account is an important symbolic and practical step - but it is just the first step on a road less travelled.

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