Bill Myers Source Code

From: Ed Zivkovic

Create Your Own Software Products

This is another excellent way to make money from home because once the software is created, it can be resold for ever. Revealed - The source code to some of the most popular resale rights software products is now available.

Bill Myers has released the source code for VendoMatic, Press Release O Matic and other software titles.

If you have ever wandered how to make money with your own software like VendoMatic, Press Release O Matic and other titles by Bill Myers, I am going to reveal to you how it is done.

For years, product developers have been making money and creating viral traffic to their web sites by selling or giving away their own software and eBooks.

Quick Viral Traffic Example

  • People buy a software program like Vend-O-Matic which includes resell rights.
  • They then go on to resell the software which again includes resell rights.
  • This cycle continues for ever, generating Viral Traffic to the original authors website till the end of time.

Make money being at the top of the pecking order. Imagine what it would be like to have all your own links inside these software programs. That's right. The Viral Traffic would be coming to your web sites instead of elsewhere.

How to Make Your Own Software without Programming

There are several ways to make your own software without being a programmer. This article will focus on acquiring the rights to some source code and compiling it into a single executable file.

Source Code For Vend-O-Matic

Not long ago, I acquired the source code for Vend-O-Matic. The source code includes the rights to re-name and re-compile the code and resell the compiled work in any way I see fit. This means that I can offer it with resale rights, master resale rights or no distribution rights at all.

My first test with this source code was to re-compile the popular and useful software tool called VendoMatic. I did not re-name the product because the focus was to get high search engine rankings for the term Vend-O-Matic because my version contains many extras not included in the original version.

Vend-O-Matic Examples

    VendoMatic without branding software.

    Feel free to download this version of Vend-O-Matic. You'll notice that all the links have been customized to my own and that all reference to Bill Myers has been removed.

    Vend-O-Matic can also be renamed in order to create a different product for a different price as can all the other source codes available.

How to Edit the Source Code

You will need an HTML Editor to edit the source code. All you do is just open the source and edit the links and text to whatever you want.

You can add your own web site URL, affiliate links or anything else you wish to promote.

How To Compile the Source Code

You will need an HTML Compiler. At this time, I recommend Activ E-Book for compiling this work because it offers much flexibility with the re-branding process and is very affordable. Other quality compilers will also work.

Once you have a HTML Compiler, all you do is compile your newly edited source code into a single executable file like the example you downloaded above.

Think Outside the Box

Remember that when you buy any of the source code from Bill Myers, you have the right to create your own derivative works from the code and re-name the work to whatever you like.

For example, I have also purchased the source code to the 597 Business Letters Package because this code can be used to create hundreds of different software programs.