How To Check Link Popularity

From: Ed Zivkovic

Use this free link popularity checker to Analise your domain and IP popularity.

Those who use the Google Toolbar know that the "Backward Links" feature does not display all backlinks.

So how to we discover all the sites that link to us in order to determine our sites link popularity?

Free Link Popularity Checker, has a very useful free link popularity checker.

This link popularity tool is very easy to use.

Simply input your domain, then enter the 5 digit security code and click the "Analise now" button.

Results will be displayed in a few seconds if your domain has very little link popularity but can take a few minutes if your domain has a lot of backlinks.

Backlinks and PageRank

The results page displays all sites that link to your domain and displays each sites a PageRank according to the Google PageRank system.

The higher the backlink PageRank value, the more valuable that particular backlink is to your domain.

Google PageRank Algorithm

If you wish to know about The Google PageRank Algorithm and how it works, visit for a detailed article which explains how PageRank is calculated and how it is "passed on" to other pages.

Another informative article (Google's PageRank Explained and how to make the most of it) on the issue of PageRank can be found here:

Improve Web Site Page Rank

The only way to improve your web site page rank is to get similar related sites to link to your site. This can be a long process because it takes time to research sites that are similar to your own and email the webmaster asking for a link exchange.

Free Link Exchange Program to Join

Probably the quickest way to get similar sites to exchange links with you is to find a free link exchange program to join. The best free link exchange program to join in my humble opinion is Value Exchange. Value Exchange does not use spammy link exchange tactics which means you will find link partners who actually want to link with you.