How to use sBookBuilder 10

From: Ed Zivkovic

sBookBuilder 10 by JanSoft will create an eBook out of your HTML files.

First, download sBookBuilder from JanSoft and unpack the files with your favorite zip utility.

Next, locate the file called SbookBuilder10.exe and double-click it.

You should now see the sBookBuilder User Interface.
  1. Click the first button and "browse" to the location of your HTML files.

  2. Click the second button and select the home page (start page) for the eBook. This is usually index.html or index.htm

  3. Click the third button and enter the title for the eBook.

  4. Select password (optional)

  5. Select Icon (optional) If you do not select an icon from your icon collection, sBookBuilder will use the default icon.

  6. Check or uncheck the allow printing checkbox.

  7. Check or uncheck the show toolbar checkbox.

  8. Click the create eBook button. A window will open. Browse to the directory where you want the eBook to be saved. Enter a file name and click the save button.
sBookBuilder Interface

This is an excellent free html compiler but it is a "bare bones" compiler. It will not read certain HTML commands like: fieldset, legend and form.

If you need to compile JavaScripts, Flash or Forms, or need advanced security features a more robust compiler is required. However, if you wish to create viral traffic eBooks to give away from your web site, SbookBuilder 10 is an excellent choice.