Popular Places to Submit Your Articles

From: Ed Zivkovic

Massive Free Publicity

When I started out on the Internet, my biggest challenge was to get traffic to my web site.

One of the most effective ways I have found of doing this is to submit your articles to article archives, ezine publishers and to related content sites.

I have been checking around lately and have discovered my name and articles published all over the Internet by other web sites.

Perpetual On-Going Traffic

Submitting your articles has a perpetual traffic effect because once your article gets listed in the major article archives, they will get picked up by other webmasters who are looking for free content.

There will always be webmasters lurking around these article archives looking for free articles to reprint on their websites and in their ezines!

In exchange for the use of your article, it is a requirement that these webmasters place a live link back to your web site which can cause an increase in link-popularity which results in higher search engine rankings.

This is an excellent way of getting other web sites to link to yours without the need for you to link back.

The Correct Way To Submit Articles

While I was searching my name and some of my articles, I came across a number of article archives and other places that allow you to submit your articles for FREE. However, do not blow your chance. If the article is not submitted correctly, it will be rejected.

The rules have changed. To discover the very latest article submission tactics, I have uploaded a Special PDF Report which you can download and read. To download the report, right-mouse click the following link and save the PDF to your hard drive: http://www.ezau.com/dl/articlesecrets.pdf

Free Article Submissions

Auto-Pilot Article Submission

I have found that submitting my articles to each site one at a time takes too long. These days I like to take as little time as possible doing this stuff so I automate this "job" with this handy software program.