The Cover Letter and it's Secret

From: Wendy Smith
How will a cover letter/letter of application/letter of introduction get you in to the interview? Already it has acquired two aliases.

What part does it play in our achieving the career/position we want for ourselves?

Is the Cover Letter the secret to our success or failure? Will it make or brake our chances?

The answer is Yes

Without the right tools (Starting with your Cover Letter), your chances of acquiring the position you really want for yourself is already less than half.


These are the questions that kept coming to me when I found myself looking for new employment. What should I do and where do I start?

I had no idea how to go about applying for a position or what it was the employer was looking for, I thought a cover letter was an instrument in which the employer used to identify which position I was applying for. I was very wrong! After some time of receiving no response or a negative reply I made a decision to find out.

I enrolled into some courses and did a lot of study ( I had some time to fill in while I was not in the work force). During this time I also went to my old employer (and various others) and inquired from them what it was they wanted from a cover letter and also a resume. What I graduated with was the answer to all of my questions.

It is the Cover Letter/Letter of Application/Letter of introduction that is the door opener for the position you want. If it does not contain what the employer is looking for, then your Resume is set aside and never even glanced at. (And you took all that time highlighting all your assets in your Résumé).

But what are they looking for?

They scan the Cover letter in search for particular key words to the position they wish to fill, if your Cover Letter/Letter of Application/Letter of Introduction does not contain these words then your Resume is put into the unusable pile and never viewed by human eyes. This is the Secret of the working Cover Letter, (the one that will get your Resume viewed) this one has the Key Words your potential employer is looking for. This process is used for both time management and finding the right person within any industry, business or company.

So be absolutely certain to have the Key Words for the position that is going to make a difference to you, your life, and how you choose to live it!

Wendy Smith

About the Author

Wendy Smith owns and operates Resume Services. Resume Services is for people who need help with the difficult task of acquiring the position or career they want.