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From: Ed Zivkovic

Not long ago, I was visiting a friend of mine and noticed on their computer an application running a photo slide show on the side of the monitor.

I took a closer look at this application and noticed that it also displayed computer performance data such as CPU, DISK and MEMORY usage.

But, the best part of this Free application is that it displays the Slashdot RSS Feed.

Slashdot is my favorite news for nerds site. For this reason, it is handy to have their latest headlines displayed on my desktop.

The Slashdot RSS Feed URL

This URL is already configured into the program along with several other Feeds. The program is called Desktop Sidebar.

Desktop Sidebar is a Freeware application which has several other "cool" things like a weather report panel, mail panel which checks emails, a stock panel which provides up to the second stock reports plus a few other things too.

The Desktop Sidebar FAQ page explains how to add New RSS Feeds to the Newsroom panel, how to display News Feeds from an HTML page and how to remove existing feeds.

More RSS Feeds

ActiveWin - filetype:rss


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