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How To Change Status Bar Text, Hide Affiliate Links and Improve Click-Through Rates

Firstly, what is the Status Bar and why does cloaking affiliate links improve click through rates?

The status bar is located at the bottom left hand corner of your web browser and among other things, it displays the destination of a Hyperlink when the mouse pointer hovers over the link.

For Affiliate Marketers, this is bad news because, it reduces click-through rates due to the fact that, there are people out there who will HiJack the affilaite link by placing their Affiliate ID into the link and then purchase from their own link. Also, there are people that will for no logical reason just delete the affiliate ID from the URL and go directly to the main domain.

To hide URLs in status bar you need to change the HTML on hover status bar message.

Adding Information To The Status Bar

Adding information to the status bar is a simple matter of inserting an advanced HTML Hyperlink code into your web page in just the same way as adding a regular Hyperlink. The aim here is to hide the affiliate link but not mislead the surfer.

How To Change Status Bar Information

A simple way to change status bar information is to use Eds Link Cloaker. Ed's Link Cloaker will generate an advanced HTML Hyperlink code which when inserted into your web page will hide the Status of Affiliate Links or any other Links. It will change status bar information to the text you want people to see.


How To Download

Right-Mouse-Click on the download link and select Save Target As...

  • Download Eds Link Cloaker
  • Double-Click link-cloaker.exe to Run the program
  • Enter the Destination URL in the first Field (use Ctrl+v to paste)
  • Enter the Status Bar Text in the second Field
  • Enter the Link Text into the last Field
  • Click the View Result Or Copy To Clipboard button
  • Another Window opens. Click the Copy to Clipboard Button
  • Paste the code into your web page where you want the hyperlink text to appear
Ed's Link Cloaker Screenshot
The Affiliate Link should look like this:

Affiliate Link


After the link is clicked, Eds Link Cloaker will not hide affiliate links in the address bar. It only hides links in the Status Bar before the link is clicked. Cloaking links in this way has been proven to increase click-through rates.

Affiliate Links in the Address Bar

Modern affiliate programs who use the latest affiliate management software have fixed this problem. They do not display affiliate links in the address bar. Click any of the following affiliate links to see an example:

Affiliate Links in Frames and "Encrypted" Frames

FACT: Not all affiliate programs can guarantee proper credit and tracking if an affiliate url is placed in a frame or encrypted frame.

Imagine all those poor people promoting affiliate programs without a chance of getting paid!


Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better. No installation required! Simply double-click link-cloaker.exe to run the program. Eds Link Cloaker does not contact the Internet. It is a simple stand-alone utility which generates modified HTML Hyperlink Code.

Now you know how to change status bar.