How To Create Adobe PDF Files From Word

From: Ed Zivkovic

The Easy Way To Convert Office Documents To PDF

Make PDF in Word
You will need Adobe Acrobat Full Version and Word (or any Microsoft Office Application) installed on your machine.

After Acrobat is installed, it will embed itself to the Word Toolbar. Just open any Word document and click the PDF icon to create a PDF of the Word document you are viewing.

I now make all my PDF eBooks and White Papers with Adobe Acrobat Standard (sample). One of the big advantages of creating PDF eBooks with Adobe Acrobat is that the hyperlinks will actually work.

There are programs out there selling for up to $95.00 which create PDF eBooks but the hyperlinks within the document do not work and you cannot create bookmarks within the PDF.

Adobe Acrobat Full Version

Adobe Acrobat Professional or Standard will both create unlimited PDF eBooks from Office applications like Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Outlook and will even capture an entire web page and convert it to a PDF.

I purchased a slightly older version of Adobe Acrobat from eBay because I could not see the point in paying for the latest version (that has really excellent features) which I will never use.

PDF Maker Download

PDF Maker Download - Sometimes it's better if you can download and try out the software before you buy it.

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