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From: Ed Zivkovic

How To Display Affiliate Landing Pages On Your Own Web Site


Okay, you don't want to send traffic to your affiliate landing page by linking directly with your affiliate link?

The solution? Display the affiliate landing page on your own web site. So instead of promoting links that obviously look like affiliate links, your links will be just some page on your own site.

This system is often used by professional Internet marketers. Many will register a domain name specifically to promote a single affiliate product. They then send traffic to a neat looking URL that looks like this: http://www.somedomain.com


Step 1

  • Download Ed's Frame Generator.
  • Run the application by double-clicking the file. (url-framed.exe)
  • Enter a Title and your affiliate link and click Save Result As HTML.
  • Step 2

    A dialog will appear. This is where you name the file.

    If the file is going to be the only page in a directory, such as setting up a domain specifically to promote a particular affiliate product, the page should be named index.html.


    Obviously you can name the file anything you want as long as it has .html, .htm or .shtml at the end of it.

    Step 3

    Upload the page to your web site and promote that link instead of the your actual affiliate link. For example, if you have set up a domain to promote an affiliate product, you would upload index.html to the root directory and promote your domain.

    If you named the file something else, you would promote:

    Other Examples



    Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista or better. No installation required! Simply double-click url-framed.exe to run the program. Ed's Frame Generator does not contact the Internet unless you click a hyperlink, then obviously, it tries to connect to a web page on the Internet. It is a simple stand-alone utility which generates a HTML web page.


    There is similar software for sale out there but they do not tell you this.

    Not all affiliate programs guarantee to track affiliate links that are framed. Before sending any traffic to your Framed Page, make sure you are certain that the affiliate program can track sales generated from these pages.


    How To Download

    Right-Mouse-Click on the download link and select Save Target As...

    Download Now - url-framed.exe - 276 KB