5 Budget Cruncher Web Video Editing Programs

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5 video editing programs to make your web video stand out.

FREE and budget priced means that anybody can get started editing web videos.


Once you have captured your web video, you need to edit the video. By using web video editing software, you can create truly unique videos.

Countless sites on the internet use web videos to grab the attention of their visitors. The downfall is when the visitors see the same cookie cutter videos on every site they start to stop watching. You want to create a video that is different that will keep them watching and get them looking at what you have to offer.

Windows Movie Maker

This a beginner’s software program that usually comes on most Windows PC and has no trial limits. Limited in some functionality it does allow for some creative web videos. This program allows for videos to be created using still pictures, video captured with a camcorder or webcam as well as voice over narration.

Simple to use you can cut your streaming videos and place still pictures within the new video. Most who are advanced in creating web videos may find this editing program a little lacking. Very easy though for a beginner to learn and use and gain some knowledge and practice with.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is Macintosh’s version of the Windows Movie Maker. It is easy to use for beginners and unlike Windows Movie Maker for Windows PC; it can also appeal to those with some web video editing knowledge.

Apple iMovie allows for some professional looking videos to be created with out the professional price tags. For those who do not already have this software on their Mac computers, it can be purchased for $45.


VideoSpin is a freeware software that is basic enough for a beginner to get started making web videos. With VideoSpin from Pinnacle Systems Inc, you can create web ready videos using video clips, still pictures and overlay with music or voice narration.

For videos that are more dynamic, you can stream in some titles and other transitions. By being able to incorporate still pictures in with your video allows you to highlight your products or services as you add in voice narration. With being free this software will help those on a strict budget still be able to create some unique web videos.

Video Caster

Video Caster 3.45 is another freeware software that you can use to edit your videos. Video Caster 3.45 does more than edit the videos though, it also works for capturing video and as well, as encode the video into a format ready for web publishing. Therefore, with this simple freeware software you get three software programs in one.

This can save you from having to hunt down multiple software programs that you will need to get your video onto the internet. With this software, you can capture your videos using either a camcorder or webcam.

With Video Caster 3.45, you can take still pictures and create them into a streaming slide show complete with music or voice narration. This allows you to create a web video even if you do not have a camcorder or webcam. This is great for those who do not have a budget for purchasing a camcorder or webcam to create a video with.


CoffeeCup Web Video Recorder 3 is brought to you by the makers of the CoffeeCup HTML editor and goes beyond just recording your videos, it also allows for editing and adding special effects to your videos.

Text overlays work great for those who wish to brand their videos with their company name or other points of interest. This software allows you to place an image at the beginning and at the end of your video.

Not much in the way of switching between video and stills throughout the video creation process though.

With CoffeeCup Web Video Recorder 3, you can create your video from start to finish with just this one software. Trial is 21 days and then purchase price is only $39.