Introduction to Business Blogging

From: Brian Tracy
The Introduction to Business Blogging Teleseminar includes 60 minutes of Brian Tracy and Rodney Rumford LIVE plus a Q&A session to follow.

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1. Business Blog eBook - Understand how your business can leverage the power of business blogging and RSS to increase sales, marketing and lead generation effectiveness. 100+ page PDF eBook with case studies, examples, resources and actionable items to get you going quickly.

2. Online Business Blogging Video PowerPoint Presentation - This 1 hour online video presentation explains business bogging and podcasting, and how these trends are changing businesses online. Learn how you can leverage these trends for business gain. Also includes PDF of over 70 power point slides. 20 page workbook is also included.

3. Business Blogging White Paper - 20 page ebook is a strong condensed introduction to business blogging and the supporting concepts.

4. The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success by Brian Tracy (e-Book) - An eye-opening practical guide including 100 easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply laws covering the major areas of work and business. Brian teaches you the "universal laws" that lie behind the success of business people everywhere.

5. Complete recording of Introduction to Business Blogging MP3 sent after the teleseminar.

6. Complete seminar outline with all key points sent by email.

In this informative and timely practical Teleseminar, you will learn the following:

  • The Business Benefits of Blogging.
  • How Blogs can be used as a powerful communication tool.
  • How you can get hundreds of other Bloggers to write about your business.
  • Why every business should have a blog. This is not some passing fad.
  • Why customers and prospects are preferring Blogs as a way to reach them.
  • What the Blogosphere is and how to leverage it for business gain.
  • Why Google, Yahoo and MSN prefer your blog over your website.
  • How Blogs can drive traffic to your site.
  • How Blogs can increase links to your website.
  • How Business Blogs can be used as a Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales & Communication Tool with the proper implementation and execution of a Business Blog.
Satisfaction guaranteed! - You have 24 hours after the Teleseminar to cancel if you are not satisfied with the tremendous ideas you learn. Teleseminar materials will be emailed 24 hours following Teleseminar completion due to the 24 hour cancellation policy.

Who is Rodney Rumford?

Rodney Rumford is a New Media Marketing Consultant who has 20 years experience in technology, marketing, engineering, sales, business development and consulting. He has worked for Fortune 100 companies and startups in a variety of management positions. He is the Founder of and

He has been helping clients with Business Blogging, Social Media, RSS and Podcasting for several years and has developed software solutions in the areas of RSS, RSS Content Syndication, Blogs, Audio & Video Podcasting, & New Media.

Rodney has also authored several books on Marketing, Business Blogging, RSS and Podcasting. He is also a widely published article author that has been featured on many high profile websites. He has been a featured speaker at many industry & trade conferences. He is an active Blogger and Podcaster.

He launched the very first Audio & Video Podcasting Website on the Internet before Podcasting even had a name. Two of his websites have been featured in the acclaimed “For Dummies” series of books, as well as Associated Press articles and magazines such as Revenue, Entrepreneur and Business 2.0

He has been featured on media outlets such CBS, & GoDaddy Radio. He is also on the advisory board for several web 2.0 start-up companies.

When it comes to delivering proven Best Practices, Consulting, Marketing & Strategy to Leverage New Media Technologies; he is truly a subject matter expert.

What is a Teleseminar?

It’s very similar to a teleconference, but in a more controlled environment. Brian will speak for one hour about a particular subject and then the lines will open for a Q & A session.

Simply dial the phone number (e-mailed automatically upon completion of order), enter your PIN, and you'll be connected to the teleconference. The bonus programs are sent to every participant's mailing address after the Teleseminar.

If you would like to ask Brian a question during the Q & A session, press *0 and an operator will ask for your name and call upon you in the order received. NO MORE BACKGROUND NOISE!

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Receive a deep discount when you buy from this page.

Introduction to Business Blogging by Brian Tracy and Rodney Rumford